Here’s what I’ve learned coaching 500+ superstar over-achievers: if love isn’t working, nothing is really working.

Welcome to Date with Enthusiasm, the only coaching track by Coach Keren Eldad for love and love attraction. This top-level Coaching program will slingshot you into the relationship you deserve, helping you to work less at the
dating and attract The One.

It worked for me. It has worked for dozens of my clients. It
will work for you.

Sign up for this 7-week virtual coaching track to enjoy the full knowledge, support and accountability you need to get past the blindspots that have kept you in a dating hamster wheel, get you clear on what you want and help
love find YOU.

This 2-month course is your chance to create more clarity ahead and awaken a deeper power within so you can enjoy spectacular success in love. You will do this with me, and
with a high-vibe tribe of high performers – just like you.

    • Note: by “spectacular success,” I mean whatever it is that you are after and hope for yourself in this life.As you do so, you won’t question your dreams or doubt your deserving and soon go from

“stuck,” “stunted” or just “single,” to: “in love.”

  • Imagine cracking the code on soulmate love. What would THAT mean for your life?
  • Imagine waking up eager alongside someone who is fully there for you and who is supportive, loving and fun?
  • Imagine joyful, reciprocal relationships all around – not only in the intimacy of your home.

That’s what you will find through this program.

You know this already, but…of all people, champions need and deserve support, too.

Just as any Olympic champion sees the importance of a talented coach reshaping their mindset to raise the level of their game to new heights, trust that you might be able to learn something here. At the very least, accept this: whatever consistent thoughts you consistently practice have only
brought you as far as you now are.

If you want to go to the next level (and in life, you always want to go to the next level), it will require a new level of thinking.
Let that thinking reveal the steps to your love.

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• Overcome your limiting beliefs about what you are capable of attracting and being in a relationship
• Master relationships from a Win-Win mentality versus through manipulation and force (and effort!)
• Develop unshakeable confidence in your unique abilities by understanding your leverage
• Be seen and recognized for your talents and unique light
• Create a personal life that is fully charged with fulfillment, freedom and support

Date With Enthusiasm

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Coach Keren

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds like a lot of work. How much time will I need to invest in this process?

It’s understandable that the mean feat of changing your life may look like it will involve a lot of time. After all, it’s not easy. But this program does offer you a relatively fast and efficient way through this: just 10 weeks, in which you will dedicate 2 hours a week to all the work- from intaking course materials, to doing the work, to actual sessions. That’s 20 hours total to change your life and up-level in absolutely every respect over the course of 4 months. Does that still sound like “too much”? (yeah. I didn’t think so).

I’m going through a really busy/ tough/ hectic moment in my life. Is this the right time to get coached?

When it comes to coaching or deciding to change your life, time is not really the issue – being ready is. For the record, I decided to go for coaching when I had neither the time, nor the money, nor any semblance of peace. I was looking for a job, pretty broke, and had just lost both my cats and my home. But what I did have was eagerness, readiness and the clear intention to change my life. Basically, I was done with the excuses and with my own nonsense about why this wouldn’t work or was not worth my full-fledged and whole-hearted effort. The rest, as they say, is history. If you are ready and you feel it in your heart: this IS the time.

I’m not really a “superstar” and don’t consider myself an “over-achiever.” Is this program for me?

Well, chances are you are an over-achiever, at least in some respects and when it concerns topics about which you feel very passionate. However, this program is more intensely focused. Though I do not engage in any of the harsh tactics I’ve seen other pseudo practitioners employ – such as tough love and foul language – I am fast and expect a high level of engagement and performance. So if you are not into reading, doing the work on time, staying focused on your learning and results and asking and answering difficult questions that may have you stretching yourself, behaviorally, this program is not for you. This is for those who already have a lot of Rockstar results in their lives and are not afraid to hit the gas and go for even more.

I hope these help you. If you have any further questions, book your coaching strategy session now and I will be happy to address them all.

So.. are you IN?

Wall of Love



Shai & Andrew

Married since 2018. "World class coaching. This woman is the real deal." Shai, FL



Marc, Tatiana and baby Asher

Welcomed their first baby in 2019, who they lovingly call their "Coach Keren baby" :). "This has been life changing in every way." - Marc, MI



Theresa and Marc

Traveling the world together since 2018. "Great program. Wonderful coach. Amazing outcome." - Theresa, PA



Kristie and Rodney

"I manifested my husband" - Kristie, KY



Lauren and Alex

- Dallas

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